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Municipal Court and Point Information

If you have been charged in Municipal Court with a driving offense, it may result in court-imposed penalties of a fine, costs and, in certain circumstances, the potential loss of driving privileges and/or jail.  There may also be additional consequences of a conviction such as the assessment Motor Vehicle Commission (“MVC”) points and the assessment of Insurance Eligibility points.  The assessment of MVC points may result, depending on your circumstances, in surcharges and possibly an administrative suspension of you driver’s license.  The assessment of Insurance Eligibility points will almost always result in increased insurance premiums. 

If you have been charged with Driving While Intoxicated there are particularly serious penalties, including the potential for significant jail time.

An attorney experienced in municipal court practice can help protect your interests.  An experienced attorney, after a review the proof to be presented by the State, can offer advice and opinion regarding the sufficiency of the State’s evidence against you.  It may be possible to persuade the State to amend the charges against you resulting in fewer or no MVC or Insurance Eligibility points.  Of course if your matter must go to trial, an experienced attorney can help you challenge the State’s evidence and cross-examine the witnesses against you. 

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